Saturday 13th April 2024
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Hop and Spice – Sri Lankan Chicken Curry recipe

It’s almost the end of National Curry Week in the UK, but we still have time for another recipe! Today’s dish a Sri Lankan Chicken Curry, courtesy of Hop and Spice restaurant in Balham, London.


1 medium onion

3 tomatoes

3-4 green finger chillis

4 cloves garlic

2cm3 of root ginger

3/4 can coconut milk

8 chicken legs

1/2 tsp mixed seeds: fennel, cumin & mustard

2 tsp Hop & Spice Roasted curry powder (or sourced from a Sri Lankan store)

10 curry leaves

4 split cardamom pods

3/4 tsp salt (to taste)


-Blend 1/2 can of coconut milk, 4 cloves of garlic, ginger, 3 medium tomatoes.

-In a small amount of vegetable oil temper onions, chopped chillis, 5 curry leaves and a few pinches of mixed seeds (fennel, cumin & mustard). Fry until mustard seeds pop.

-Score chicken drumsticks and brown in the spiced oil.

-Add the liquid blend – and simmer

-Add 2 tsp of Hop & Spice blend curry powder

-Add 1/2 tsp of turmeric.

-Crack 3-4 cardamom pods and add to the pan.

-Add a half to three-quarter tsp salt.

-Allow to simmer and stew for 45 mins – add more coconut milk if required.

-Add 5 fresh curry leaves

-Remove the bones – leaving tender & moist chicken in the pan

-Finish with a 1 tbsp of malt vinegar or lemon juice.

-Serve with some freshly steamed basmati rice, dahl and spiced spring greens.

Suggested Beer Match: Summer Lightning by Hop Back Brewery in Wiltshire. A lightly sparkling ale, that’s very easy drinking and matches spice beautifully (Sold in Waitrose and good off-licences).

Visit for further information about this great restaurant and their signature “thali” style of eating!