Thursday 18th April 2024
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Roti King – Malaysian Tamil cuisine in London

We have recently discovered the Roti King and its amazing. Its wonderful to see that its not just us who feel the same way. The Guardian reviews the Roti King in London, Euston, a haven for Malaysian food, proud of its Indian Tamil roots, located in the heart of London.

I love roti canai, the flaky, buttery, insanely delicious flatbreads of Malaysia, close relatives of parathas and named for Chennai in southern India. They are rarely made in-house over here, even in the most “authentic” Malaysian restaurants, because their creation takes skill, dexterity and years of practice.

The Roti King (aka Kalpana Sugendran Sugendran) is a master prataman (that name’s another nod to the bread’s Indian origins). He pats out his oily, elastic dough before spinning it mid-air into something that resembles pliable chiffon, so thin it’s almost transparent, but without a single rip or airhole. Sheer magic, and bewitching to watch. Gathering its sides together so that its surface settles into whorls and folds – all the better for toasty texture when griddled – he’s a true craftsman.

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