Thursday 16th May 2024
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The Tamil couple championing Tamil Comedy across Europe

Meet Bluefeather’s Suresh and Sandhya, the Tamil couple championing Tamil Comedy across Europe.

London based Blue Feather Studios ran by powerhouse couple Suresh and Sandhya recently celebrated its 100th production in March. The duo having previously brought stand-up comedians from India’s Tamil comedy industry such as Alexander Babu, Praveen Kumar, Karthik Kumar, Sonu Venugopal, Vikram, Mervyn Rozz and many more, is currently managing the european leg of “Avana Nee,” an English language stand-up comedy show by Eelam Tamil comedian Sunthar V.

I caught up with them to talk all things blue feather related and how Suresh and Sandhya navigated themselves through various challenges, processes, and experiences.

Initially a photography business turned event production company which still honours it’s start in portrait photography; Sandhya reminisces on how Blue Feather was born and how their love for memorable moments has allowed them to create a community to amplify Tamil Creatives from all over the world.

”It all started with photography. That is what attracted to him (Suresh) for the first time. He had a fancy camera, and I was like, in need of a Facebook profile picture…. I kept pushing him to start his photography business and then we started Blue Feather Studios together.”

Having both grown up in India, Suresh and Sandhya surrounded themselves within various creative spaces, from Carnatic music shows to theatre productions that championed Tamil heritage. Suresh continued to mention how both him and Sandhya’s passion for bringing a slice of home and nostalgia to the UK encouraged them not only to support UK based Tamil artists, but also create the representation that they yearned to see for themselves and their two daughters.

“…when we came over here, I think I missed [home] a bit. Like it is great to go to Western musical, watch ‘The Lion King’, or ‘Mamma Mia’. But somewhere within, you kind of miss home and that relatability. You know, for us, it’s always been trying to bring our childhood, into people’s lives over here[the UK] and into my kids life. I mean, I’m being very selfish over here, but I do want my kids to, relate to the fact that it is good to experience a different language and a different culture, and to feel represented.

As trailblazers in the industry, between 2016 to 2019, Sandhya and Suresh were one of the only studios who were producing all Indian artists in the UK. They noticed the industry gap in bringing creatives from other parts of the Tamil Diaspora to the UK, and thus, began their extraordinary journey!

“We realised we need to create a space where we’re not trying to educate anyone. We’re just trying to create a happy space where people can come and, still try and get connected to their culture. It’s not just about the show, but it’s more like a space where people can come and meet each other who belong to the same community. And …. that space can be a starting point for a new friendship or a new relationship for people”

One artist that Blue Feather have hosted on multiple occasions is actor and stand-up comedian Karthik Kumar who after collaborating with Sandhya and Suresh to bring his show ‘Second Decoction’ to the UK in 2016, Karthik returned with his special “Aansplaining” – which is when they celebrated their 100th production with a special finale performance of ‘Aansplaining” in London.

“I think we wanted to celebrate that 100th show. So that was, uh, something that we were very proud of. And,it’s been, it’s not been an easy journey, but it’s also been a very,, very happy journey”

When asked about their relationship with Karthik Kumar (KK), they said: ”[KK] has been a mentor for Blue Feather Studios right from the start. His first five shows that we produced back in 2016 all sold out as this was the first Tamil stand-up comedy show in the UK. So, it went crazy.”

The couple recently shared this statement in celebration of a milestone, and continue to uplift Tamil voices, new, or old to the space regardless or experience.

“What an incredible journey it has been, and we are endlessly thankful for it. A heartfelt thank you to all of you for your unwavering support. We extend our deepest gratitude to our cherished artists who have brought each show to life and placed their trust in us throughout this journey. Our family continues to expand, and we are filled with gratitude. And thanks to all our friends, family, and the amazing volunteers who have always been there for us, believing in us every step of the way. A special love to KK for embarking on this journey with such love and trust.

This is merely the start of something extraordinary!”

Written By Nila Varman