Sunday 14th July 2024
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Scour the internet and you will find his name attached to some of the biggest Tamil & Hindi remixes. US based Dr. Srimix is a dancer, choreographer, DJ, remixer & producer! He released his 4th album “SRMX 0400 – The Method”, in early 2017 and features 15 beautifully captured videos releasing 1 video a week […]

US based DJ Maga is part of Afro Soca Love, a collective that aims to further the connection between West Indian Carnival and African culture through the arts, community, creativity. Maga’s mother is from St. Lucia in the Caribbean, his father Tamil is from Sri Lanka in South Asia. He was raised between London, St. […]

Hailing from the Royal Town of Klang, DJ Mastermind is one of the hottest names in the Malaysian and the International party scene! A DJ, music producer & turntablist, Mastermind is a passionate artiste who lives and breathes music. Aswell as opening for headline international artists touring Malaysia, Mastermind himself is the star attraction on international […]

DJ SOUNDCRASHER – “The City’s Champion DJ.” Within a few years of his venture as a professional DJ, Blanchart Arun has turned the city he calls home into his personal stage. His drive to succeed, coupled with years of practice has allowed Blanchart to rise beyond the cluttered field of DJs in Toronto, as one […]