Wednesday 17th April 2024
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DJ Soundcrasher


DJ SOUNDCRASHER – “The City’s Champion DJ.”

Within a few years of his venture as a professional DJ, Blanchart Arun has turned the city he calls home into his personal stage. His drive to succeed, coupled with years of practice has allowed Blanchart to rise beyond the cluttered field of DJs in Toronto, as one of the newest and perhaps the most inimitable figures in the music game: DJ Soundcrasher.

Filled with energy, the DJ continues to break standards across the city. Quite simply, he is a crowd favorite. A lively personality, combined with an ear for music and an eye for the crowd has allowed Soundcrasher to win the hearts of many listeners, both young and old. His unique style, and ability to adapt to the crowd and effectively introduce twists to their favorites has led this DJ to change the way crowds listen.

– Bio. Courtesy of Chris M.