Friday 14th June 2024
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German Tamil designer Abarna Kugathasan presents at Berlin Fashion Week 2023

Congratulations to German-based Tamil designer Abarna Kugathasan, who showcased her lingerie-inspired “Kitschy Couture” at Berlin Fashion Week 2023.

Abarna designs were presented at a curated exhibition showcasing German fashion, hosted by “Der Berliner Salon” on the 10th and 11th July. Here she met Christiane Arp, founding member and the president of the Fashion Council Germany.

“Kitschy Couture is an intimate tale celebrating diasporic Tamil culture. Worshipping an artificial realm, where contrary cultures collided and fusioned into one.”

“This collection is inspired by the over excessive kitschy cakes my mother used to create when I was a child. Barbie dolls covered in colourful icing, placed on sugary landscapes and surrounded by buttercream roses.”

A child of immigrants who arrived to Germany in 1994, she was surrounded by the artistry of dressmaking.

Her Sri Lankan Tamil mother is a trained tailoress and has mastered the art of traditional saree drapery. Abarna inherited this profession and was heavily influenced by the craftsmanship of her mother.