Sunday 14th July 2024
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Tamil fashion designer Abarna Kugathasan showcases her work at Berlin Fashion Week 2022

Abarna Kugathasan is a Tamil fashion designer, crafting a heavenly fairytale around culture and identity. By drawing inspiration from her family history and childhood memories, she creates a paradisaical artificial world showcasing her draped statuesque designs.

The artistry of dressmaking already ran in the family, as her mother is a trained tailoress and has mastered the art of traditional saree drapery. Therefore, she practically inherited this profession and was heavily influenced by the craftsmanship of her mother.

As a child of Tamil immigrants, the scenic landscapes framing her captivating designs are an ode to her homeland. Being born and raised in Germany, her work focuses on the fusion of two different cultures, the celebration of her cultural heritage and the feeling of longing.

She tells an intimate story expressing her diasporic identity and origin. The Tamil rituals and festivities held in Germany, the artificial flowers gathered to recreate a familiar environment, traditional garments in the most dazzling of colors.

Abarna is celebrating all those memories within her work and collaging a unique paradise in reminiscence of home. The degree collection titled ‘Diaspora Fanatism’ was shown at the ‘Neo Fashion’ show held during Berlin Fashion Week. Photo by @robertschlesinger.

Connect with Abarna : @abaerrna