Sunday 23rd June 2024
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Australian Tamil child actor Sathya Ilanko starrs in Ravi & Jane

Australian Tamil child actor Sathya Ilanko plays the role of 10 yr old Ravi, a refugee from Sri Lanka. Ravi and his family have just moved into Sydney’s Villawood detention centre and school is the only time he is allowed outside its fences.

Shy on his first day at an Australian school, Ravi is befriended by Jane who invites him to her birthday party. Jane is dismayed when he doesn’t turn up to the party and is absent from school on Monday, only to learn he has moved away. It is only when she receives a letter from Ravi that she understands that their friendship is not lost.

Currently doing the rounds at various international film festivals, the 14 minute long Australian film directed by Stuart O’Rourke and produced by Leah James is in English & Tamil. The film starrs Beth Aubrey, Katya Harvey & Sathya Ilanko.