Monday 22nd April 2024
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KRISHNA – A Divine Experience from Chennai to Canada

Shijith Nambiar, an ex-faculty member of the renowned Chennai-based Bharatanatyam and cultural academy Kalakshetra, together with Kalakshetra post-diploma holder Parvathy Menon presents “Krishna – A Divine Experience“. Taking place in Canada next month, the event is sure to be a culturally-rich evening of classical dance.

“A beautiful youth with a complexion the color of rain clouds; he plays the flute and steals the hearts of all with his enchanting smile. He dons a peacock feather upon locks of black curls, and wears beautiful garments which sparkle like stars. He is Krishna—the All Pervasive. He is in the sky and in the forest. He is within our hearts and he is everywhere around us–always. The name Krishna means the All Attractive One; which signifies our eternal relationship with God and that we are always drawn to Him.”

Stories from the life of Krishna, one of the most beloved Hindu deities, have inspired dancers, musicians, and writers for centuries. The production weaves together a tapestry of Indian classical music, dance, and theatrical performance and takes viewers on a breath-taking journey to Gokulam, Vrindavan, and Mathura– the divine realms of Lord Krishna. Here, all beings live in the light of the Krishna, the Ultimate Object of Knowledge and the Supreme Goal of Life. The dancers offer artistic interpretations of significant narratives from the life of Krishna, and perform to traditional music compositions, some of which are at least a thousand years old.

“Krishna” is an experience of the transcendent, choreographed by the celebrated dancing couple Shijith Nambiar and Parvathy Menon. They have put together this production with the purpose of sharing their experiences of the Divine with audiences worldwide.

Main photos by R Prasana venkatesh

The production has received glowing reviews from many media outlets already. The event is taking place on May 2nd at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Scarborough Ontario, and tickets cost $25 (VIP) and $15. For further info email or call (416) 332-8327. For information about other performances of KRISHNA that are taking place in North America, click here.