Tuesday 16th July 2024
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Give Em The Ughh!!!

This song should come with a warning sign! If you have been trained in the classical arts, please protect your ears and turn away now! Thamarai.com is happy to introduce probably your very first Tamil Crunk track, Urban Koothu style! This song with its insane beats is highly addictive and should be played loud, and for maximum effect whilst intoxicated!

K-town Clan are made up of three indiviuals – Big Bo, Dra-Vid & Roshan Jamrock representing Kajang, Malaysia. Malaysia is the official home of Tamil hip hop and crunk, where it has developed over the years and boasts a thriving Tamil music industry. Recognisable names who have made it from Malaysia to Kollywood (Tamil cinema) include Yogi B, Emcee Jesz & Dr Burn.  The video begins with a short sketch, the transition from the old skool ways of drinking through to the new skool styles…we recommend you skip to 2.26 mins and go straight to the mains! Let us know what you think on our facebook page.