Sunday 14th July 2024
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Young Tamil music producer hits Spotify million stream milestone

Aran Sambasivan, a 16-year-old Tamil teenager from East London has hit an incredible milestone on Spotify, the leading streaming platform for music. 

Aran’s fifth album “Luna Blanca”, has been streamed over 1 million times on Spotify, and across all the digital platforms including Apple Music, he’s now crossed 2.6 million streams. All this in a relatively short period of time.

Aran enjoys improvising on the piano, and creating calming melodies. At 15-years-old he started making piano-based tunes, using Logic Pro X for mixing and mastering his songs.

“It’s really surreal that my music has managed to reach so many people. Something that I planned on doing for fun is actually something that is loved by many which is one thing I never expected.”

He reached out to meditation apps Headspace and Calm who paid him a fee to use his songs on their meditation videos. “This has helped me to reach thousands of people as they have been interested as to where this music came from. Through sites like Shazam they could find my music and add it to their playlists on Apple Music, Spotify and all other platforms.”

He’s also worked with major labels. “Sony sponsored a music video for my song “Memories in Ivory” which is out on my YouTube Channel. They paid for the actors and we used Sony studios in North London for the green screen edits and editing.”

In the space of a year, he has created five albums and several singles. Aran’s time is also filled with AAT Accounting and A levels.

“My first album was a Lofi study album called “Lofi Time”, which has 530,000 streams as of today. The follow up second album was called “The Last Train Home” which has 50,000 streams.”

“My third album was when my music began to become popular and it’s when headspace and calm wanted to use my music, as I transitioned from Lofi to Piano calming music. It was called “Sounds of Nature” and has 950,000 streams as of today. One million soon on that album.”

“My fourth album Freedom was made during my GCSE exams and despite this it still got 300,000 streams.”

“My most recent album is the one that has blown up, called “Luna Blanca” meaning white moon in Spanish. This music has 2.6 Milllion streams so far and I received a One Million Plaque for it as well.”

“I also have some singles which in total add up to almost 800,000 streams.”

Whilst Aran enjoys a variety of music genres, he’s especially fond of Tamil music by HipHop Tamizha and Anirudh. When asked if he would venture into Tamil music, Aran responded, “I have tried making music with Tamil elements before so it is not out of the question but it would be under a different artist name as I have developed a mainly western audience with my music.”

He recently started his own label called “Sambasivan Studios”, which will champion artists in the classical piano field. “I would like my music to reach thousands more people and create even better albums than before. I’m still learning and my early success motivates me to keep making music and making top quality music to make my audience happy.”