Monday 15th July 2024
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Mc Sai – Whatever Happens


We have watched the British Tamil hip hop artiste “Mc Sai” grow from being a young, slightly wet behind the ears local star, into a confident young man who is internationally recognised as one of the best young Tamil rappers in a rapidly growing industry.

Now touring globally, on the back of the success of his 2012 album “Simmasanam,” Sai has built himself a strong following amongst the international Tamil youth from Toronto to Kuala Lumpur via his home town of London. His co-founded label “Rebelstar Records” consists of the popular Tamil comedian Kutti Hari, dance crew Public Enemies and in 2012 the team expanded with the addition of Canada based “Tamil Guys” and UK’s Teejay. Collectively a formidable team of young entertainers & creatives.

Testament to the demand for Tamil independent music, Teejay’s debut single “Muttu Muttu” featuring Mc Sai hit a cool 1 million views this weekend, all within three months! Use the search function on the thamarai toolbar to watch the video.

Mc Sai’s recent solo single “Whatever Happens” has been produced by Princeten and showcases the rappers breath control. “Whatever happens is one of those songs I had to do, not for commercial purpose but more of a statement to show what I am capable of,” said Sai.

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He explained, “It all started off with a simple beat to which I wrote the lyrics from a street thugs perspective. Even before the song was finished I approached Pras Lingam from spectrum pictures to shoot the video, to which we discussed an additional concept for the video!

I finished the song so that with each and every line could be translated with two meanings. The first, the perspective of a street thug and the second of a thief or crook from ancient times. I wanted to perform this with precision breath control and wanted to include a touch of ancient Tamil along with a pure hip hop beat. I wrote a few lines of manthra praising the lord Vishnu, who in the Hindu Religion is responsible for looking after a person during their life on earth.”

The song talks about the mentality of a criminal, who understand what he is doing is wrong, yet does it in the hope for a relief from their current circumstance.

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