Friday 24th May 2024
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Piya by Shweta Subram ft Karthik

A few months back we announced the news that a new Toronto based production house was being formed. The team included Indian musician Pravin Mani, Canadian cinematographer Pras Lingam and European musician Princeten Charles. A quick Google or Thamarai search will show the individual work by these three talented artistes. 

The first release from Funky Maple is a Hindi song featuring South Indian’s Shweta Subram and Karthik. Shewta Subram is a versatile, independent artist based in Toronto, slowly but surely making a name for herself in the Independent Hindi music scene performing with the stars of Bollywood Salim-Sulaiman and recently winning an online singing competition by Shankar Mahadevan.

The award winning Tamil singer Karthik needs no introduction except to say this will be his first non-film related Hindi song. Here is the teaser for “Piya” meaning loved one.

We look forward to the full version and wish Funky Maple on their new venture.

Funky Maple Studios Presents
Shweta Subram ft. Karthik
Piya [Teaser]
Music – Pravin Mani
Director – Pras Lingam

Starring – Ionna & Gian
Production Assistance – Shekar Prasad
Additional Programming – Princeten