Thursday 20th June 2024
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Vaanavil The Quest – A Tamil independent music album by Teejay

He has come out of nowhere and within a year young British Tamil singer ‘Teejay’ with his boyish good looks and musical abilities, with the help of his label Rebelstar Records, has managed to break the hearts of Tamil girls across the globe.

His first release was a music video for Muthu Muthu featuring fellow Rebelstar artiste MC Sai & Indian playback singer Srimathumitha, that has crossed over 1.5 million views. His latest release, ‘Aasai’ featuring Super singer contestant ‘Pragathi Guruprasad’ has gathered over 150,000 views, all within ten days. Pretty impressive stats for a debuting artist.

Both songs feature on Teejay’s 6 track debut album/EP titled ‘Vaanavil’ the Quest – the search of a Rainbow’s plot. The album went on sale today.

In June this year, Teejay began working on the album with UK based Tamil music producer Vernon G segaram. After working on the melodies & lyrics, Teejay approached Vernon with the concept for the album & within a few days was called in for a recording session. The rest they say is history & what followed was a 6 track album representing the power of vibrant young love.

I call this a Family treasure bucket, filled with 5 colorful new tracks plus the very popular Muttu Muttu\\”. -Teejay

Vaanavil – The Quest – Album Track listing

1. O MIYA –  is blind, but colorful\\” (RnB)

2. ALAIPAYA –  Joyful Love\\” ft Stylomannavan (Reggae)

3. Vaanavil – \\”The Search of a Rainbow\\” ft MC SAI (peace)

4.Kettikaran – \\”The success of Love\\” ft MC SAI (Dance)

5.Aasai – \\” a cute relationship…\\” ft Pragathi Guruprasad (Classical Love)

6.Muttu Muttu – \\” A dream come true\\” ft Srimathumitha & MC SAI (Dance)

You can get your physical copy of the album from Bigcartel. Digital copies available via itunes, Amazon & Googleplay. Please purchase the original Album & help kill Piracy!