Friday 14th June 2024
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Tamil revolutionary ‘Periyar’ portrayed in new music video by SujeethG

SujeethG’s latest song ‘Periyar,’ produced by Santhors (SME) is a fiery biographical track of ‘Periyar’, a Tamil revolutionary who shook Tamil society at its very core.

Periyar championed the principles of rationalism, self-respect, gender equality and caste eradication. He was also the founder of the Dravidian and self-respect movements in South India. His overall influence on the Tamil speaking world is immeasurable.

tamil rapper Sujeethg release his new music video portraying Tamil revolutionary Periyar

The UK-based Tamil rapper deliver stinging commentary on societal evils, and his pulsating anger stands up against oppression. A prolific artist, SujeethG has released more than 60 songs, including four albums: Singles (2005), Adi Mel Adi (2007), Anayaathu (2010), and Raavannan (2011).

He has also written and directed a short-film Paavam (Sin, 2010) reflecting the difficulties of the Tamil Diaspora.