Sunday 14th July 2024
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Introducing Abi Sampa

Introducing Abi Sampa…Many in London’s vibrant Asian student community will already know of the gifted musician & singer Abi through her performances at university shows whilst studying dentistry at BARTS.

Memorable performances for me included a collaboration with RnB duo “Rosh & Dan” at Imperial’s “East meets West” and a rendition of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s “O re Piya” at BLAS 2009, both showed the true versatility of the young artist.

Born into a Sri Lankan Tamil family, Abi started learning Indian classical musical from the tender age of 8, with a passion for the Saxophone and the little known South Indian instrument, the Veena. Overshadowed by North India’s six stringed Sitar popularised by the late Ravi Shankar, the traditional four stringed Veena is popular amongst South Indian & Sri Lankan Tamil households. Could Abi be the modern day champion of the Veena?

Abi also sings in English, Tamil, Hindi & Punjabi, a common ability with singers in India but rare to find amongst singers in the South Asian Diaspora.

Teardrops, a song recorded with close friend, British rapper Loven, about the plight of orphans affected by the war in Sri Lanka, opened doors into many hearts and also the BBC Asian Network. Played on rotation on the British station, an introducing session with Bobby Friction & live performances at festivals followed.

Her focus on finishing her career was paramount. Abi slipped away to become a dentist & used any remaining time to perfect her music. We are delighted to announce that she is back and a lot stronger, with a new facebook page and a series of video covers that showcases Abi Sampa’s multiple musical abilities.

Her recent cover of MJ’s Billy Jean was featured this morning on the popular North American website, as the “Female cover of week!” It has already received over 30,000 views in a matter of hours! We share with you her latest, a cover of Crystalised by The xx with Abi introducing the electric Veena.