Sunday 14th July 2024
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British Tamil singer and music producer Inno Genga releases Anbae

It requires quite a lot of skill to take a cult classic from the 1990s and render it without losing the essence, while at the same time, giving the song a very modern twist!

This is precisely what British Tamil singer and music producer Inno Genga has done with his latest release Anbae. Assisted by lyricist and director Dayan Shan, to recreate the nostalgic AR Rahman song sung by Hariharan in the 1998 blockbuster film jeans.

Inno brings an urban twist whilst keeping the refined emotional signature of Hariharan.

For the past few years, Inno Genga has busy balancing his time between London and Chennai. Working closely with Kollywood hitmaker Anirudh Ravichander and other young producers, Inno has sung on several popular South Indian cinema songs and independent hits.