Wednesday 29th May 2024
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Born Free – M.I.A

Our very own Tamil MC, M.I.A is back with a controversial new video, in the lead up to her 3rd album release this Summer. Firstly, there were some fabulous animated gif photos of M.I.A by her N.E.E.T record label photographer in residence, Jaime Martinez.

Secondly, there were news reports of her album being leaked online – this wasn’t the case and while we reveal her track-list to the yet un-named album in the photo gallery, she is keeping her Summer release under wraps. But the third piece of M.I.A news is that she does have a new video for the track Born Free, one she performed live in 2009.

Watch the video at your own discretion, as it is rather graphic. It is indeed keeping with her ideas for making people think through her music. The video is directed by Romain Gavras and it has nudity and has graphic violence. The writing credits go to Suicide’s Martin Rev and Alan Vega. It will also be made available for download.

BBC Asian Network presenter, Bobby Friction says: “Here is the reason why M.I.A is the most important artist in the world today & a Brit-Asian Heroine.”

Watch the Born Free video above…at your discretion (Parental advisory)