Sunday 14th July 2024
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Tamil folk art at London Fashion Week 2023

A Tamil fashion designer pays tribute to Tamil folk art, at London Fashion Week 2023.

Vino Supraja, an ethical and sustainable fashion brand from Tamil Nadu in southern India, unveiled it’s ‘Purisai’ collection – an ode to the ancient folk art Therukoothu on the global stage.

Therukoothu, a traditional Tamil street theatre, served as the muse for this exceptional collection by architect turned fashion designer and author Vino Supraja, paying homage to the Purisai Kannappa Thambiran Therukoothu School in Purisai village.

The event, held at Devonshire Square, London, featured a captivating live Therukoothu performance by the talented Actor Vaanmadhi Jagan, creating a mesmerising fusion of fashion and Tamil heritage captivating the audience and critics alike.

Elaborating on her inspiration for this collection, Vino says, “Growing up, I lived just 10km away from Purisai village where the folk art of Therukoothu thrives to this day. My collection is drawn from my vivid memories of the painted faces of the artists, the long stripes on their voluminous skirts, the crown, the décor and the many mythological characters they brought to life with each performance. This is the art form of my home, and this collection is my dedication to the art of Therukoothu, for making my childhood colourful. When I was offered a global stage to showcase my collection, I thought I should use the platform to tell the world about this art form”.

Vino Supraja’s association with Purisai Kannappa Sambandhan Ayya and artist Palani Murugan brought this mesmerizing collection to life. Through this showcase, Vino Supraja continues to bridge the gap between fashion and heritage.

This is not Vino Supraja’s first international fashion week. Vino’s transformation from a successful couture designer to the sustainable, ethical fashion brand you see today, has taken her around the globe. From her graduation collection “Patang” at Shanghai Fashion Week, receiving a standing ovation for her collection “Buoyancy” at the 10th Anniversary of Brooklyn Fashion Week, to presenting her collection “Rise” at The New York Fashion Week.

Vino has also authored the book ‘What is Sustainable Fashion? an antidote to fashion pollution’. She is also a thought leader and speaker in the field of Sustainable fashion.

Her label partners with skilled workers ensuring good working conditions, a living wage rather than minimum pay and mass production or extortion. The brand handlooms its textiles and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. With a focus on reducing the impact of the fashion industry on the planet, the label ensures the recycling of its unused materials. All clothes created are aimed at being used for a minimum of 30 wears, if not more.

To follow Vino Supraja’s journey, please join her on Instagram: @vinosupraja