Sunday 23rd June 2024
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UK Tamil student’s experiment on the International Space Station

Launched into space today and heading to the International Space Station are two experiments designed by UK Students. British Tamil student Siobhan Gnanakulendran, representing Team Daffodil, will have her team’s experiment (to examine slime mould’s reaction to zero gravity) performed by astronauts on board the international Space station.

The team, who will remain firmly on earth – Students from Haberdasher’s Aske’s College, Siobhan Gnanakulendran, Frederika Cole, Laurenda Attah-Wegbe, Alfie Dent, Daniel Roth and Colin Taylor entered the The International Space School Educational Trust competition to design and build an experiment to be sent into space.  The second, team Supernova’s experiment will test the effectiveness of antibiotics on E. coli in space which could have significant implications for the health of astronauts in space and the development of antibiotics here on earth. A first for UK students.

If you are curious to find out which Tamils have set their eyes for the stars, focus your research on two Malaysian women, S.Vanajah & Roshini Muniam. Other random Tamil space related information – The Indian Space Research Organisation is based in South India, with a plan to launch its first astronauts into space by 2015! Sri Lanka recently revealed plans to send its first astronaut to space within the next seven years with the help of the Chinese government!