Friday 14th June 2024
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Masterchef USA’s Subha Ramiah & his ‘melt your heart’ amma from Tamil Nadu

Flying in all the way from Tamil Nadu in Southern India, Ambujam came to support her son Subha Ramiah who is currently participating in the culinary reality show ‘Masterchef’ USA, which is in its 10th season.

In the first episode, Subha cooked a chicken & sausage Jambalaya with Raita, a fusion of New Orleans (Cajun) & Indian cuisine.

Subha presented his plater to the judges who after tasting the dish requested his mother’s verdict! Her admiration and confidence in her son’s ability will melt your heart.

He has won the hearts of many through his calm and composed attitude. Despite being marked as an underdog, he always maintained a very low-profile and stuck to doing what he does best – cooking – and didn’t let the drama around him get to him. In an interview with, he said;

I am a 55-year-old home cook from West Nyack, New York. I believe “Food is thy Medicine and Medicine is thy food”. I am a senior technology executive and a passionate fusion home cook. I learned cooking from my mom at the age of 11.

My mom is an amazing pillar and inspiration in my life. I was born and brought up in Chennai, India. When I was around 11, I helped my mom in the kitchen. My mom taught me many traditional south Indian Tamil food preparation and recipes and techniques. My mother always said, “When you cook, don’t think about yourself…always think and prepare the food thinking about the taste and preference of for guests you are cooking for!”.

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