Monday 15th July 2024
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Mute & Unmute from Tamil Nadu film-maker Ram Subramanian

Ram Subramanuan is an ad-filmmaker from Tamil Nadu, who has recently written and directed two thought provoking videos, Mute & Unmute.

The first video titled “MUTE” went viral just as India, the world’s largest democracy was getting ready to vote. The message was simple. If you vote, you have a voice, if you don’t, then you won’t be heard. An instruction to the 1.2 billion strong nation, who a few days ago rejected the Ghandi family and voted for someone new, Modi.

Ram Subramanian is the founder and director of Handloom Picture Company, a creative production house which he named to connect with his lineage, weavers of handloom saris from a village called Negaman in Tamilnadu. Having worked in the advertising industry since 2000, Ram left a lucrative position at one of India’s leading Ad agencies, directing adverts for clients including Tata, Thomas Cook & Nokia. His sequel video, “UNMUTE”, is a message for the newly elected Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi…