Monday 22nd April 2024
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John Abraham stars in Madras Cafe – Trailer

From model to Actor, John Abraham has been busy shooting the political thriller titled ‘Madras Cafe’ in which he stars an Indian intelligence agent. It has been reported that he has learnt a little Tamil, Thai & Sinhala for the film.

The film first came to life known as ‘Jaffna’ with many in the Tamil community wondering if the film would paint a true account of the civil war in Sri Lanka between the Sri Lankan government & the Tamil Tigers, who fought for a seperate state called Eelam.

Madras Cafe stars john abraham. View the trailer here

The Hindi language film has been shot in India & Sri Lanka and stars Sri Lankan actress cum Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez.

Directed by Shoojit Sircar, the film hits theatres August 23rd this year. View the trailer here.

South Indian director Santosh Sivan is also shooting a film about Sri Lanka titled Ceylon, Inam in Tamil. In early June he released a poster showing a blood soaked thumb print in the shape of Sri Lanka.