Friday 24th May 2024
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Ullam Pesuthey (2013), a UK Tamil production

Currently trending the UK Tamil circles is a short film titled Ullam Pesuthey. It’s one of the first of kind and definitely an innovative concept in the Tamil Diaspora Industry. A lot of time and care has been taken to obtain this output. The team who worked on the project are made up of second generation Tamils who were either born in the UK or have been brought up here.

“Ullam Pesuthey” (translated as “the words are coming within”) is the latest venture of British based Tamil film production company; UKTamil Production. The short film is directed by Navi Ananth; Starring Danny Srisuriya, Anusoorya Sachchi and Arevinth Sarma. Edited by Venthan Sri and cinematography by two different video production companies. It is of a romantic musical genre with music by Santors (SME), the film also features the track “Naan Unnai Kathalikiran” by Malaysian Composer Arun.

The film excels in most accepts of film making, making it a visual treat for the audience, filled with different emotions it is sure to cause a tear dr0p or two. The cinematography is major highlight of the moving and portrays London beautifully. This is complementary with the acting of the actors; who play their roles with conviction.

We at Thamarai spoke to the Lead Star Danny Srisuriya as well as the Director about their experience about working on the project.

Danny Srisuriya is a Tamil actor and director. A prominent young figure amongst the European Tamil community, Danny began his career by performing in stage dramas. Since then he has been making regular appearances on Deepam tv’s long running successful serial drama, Pidikkala Pidikkala. He made his film debut in 2008 Un Paathai Sarithaana and also starred in Krishnaavin Ninaivuka in 2009.

Danny Srisuriya “This is very exciting project for me, I don’t think I have worked so tirelessly for any project before. This project required me to go lengths that I have not gone before. For example I was required to attend sign language lessons as one of the preparations. One day we even spent 16 hours shooting. I paid special attention to my facial expressions and body language. The most important scene for me was the final one, the whole team were aware that this was the scene that was going make the greatest impact so we didn’t stop until we were satisfied. Ullam Pesuthey is and will always remain close to my heart. Overall I very happy with the final product and with the amount of love and support I have received these past few days. This has put a lot of pressure on me to make sure I keep on delivering a high standard of work and to keep entertaining people with my performance.”

Navi “This was an experimental project by UKTP, so we took advantage of the latest advance in technologies available to us. The whole movie has a cinematic feel to it. It was a brand new attempt to show it doesn’t matter what country you are in we too can deliver a high quality film. The project required a huge amount of planning which made it so much easier when it came down to the actually shoot, the primary reason why this shoot is as successful as it is due to team. Each and every member of the team put 110% to the project which has made it to the success it is. We do hope enjoyed this movie and continue to support us with future ventures. Watch this space!