Monday 15th July 2024
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The next Superstar!

Who will be the next Superstar in Tamil Cinema?

You’ve seen Ilaya Thalapathi Vijay, Ultimate Star Ajith and even Young Superstar STR but now step aside for the new entrant in the race to be the next Tamil Superstar….SUPER DUPER STAR TAIKANTH.


Say hello to the protagonist from the much anticipated indie flick ‘The Rajini Effect’ about a Japanese guy who wants to be the next Tamil Superstar. A hardcore Rajini fan from the moment he saw ‘The Dancing Maharaja’ (Dubbed version of Muthu) back in Japan, now he wants to be just like the Superstar!

The latest teaser poster for Barking MAD’s quirky comedy looks like a classic scene straight out of the numerous Tamil films that involve the hero and a bull. The newest mass hero on the block seems to be standing between the damsel in distress and the raging bull’s horns. With the Rajini hairstyle, the infamous rudraksha and the camp knot in the shirt he looks everybit the Tamil hero.

With music by the UK sensation Charles Bosco and cinematography by the crically-acclaimed Krshna Nagapillai, this is the first British Tamil film of its kind.

Set to hit your screens this summer, join the ‘One man against the system’ at