Sunday 19th May 2024
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Superheroes by Karen David

Karen David is back with something fresh, mainstream radio friendly and quite unexpected. "Superheroes" is taken from her new album titled "The Girl in the Pink Glasses." For a while we thought that Karen would be taking the route to stardom via the Urban scene with songs like Hypnotise. But it’s a pleasant relief to see that this versatile artiste makes a return to what she does extremely well – to sing! In this new song which will be released on the 6th June on itunes, we get to hear what made us take note in the first place, her voice.

Karen has been a superhero recently juggling her acting career with music. She starred as the sultry Spanish teacher, Francesca (Cesca) Motaya in the very popular BBC hit Drama Waterloo Rd. Her relationship with a student got tongues wagging. She has also been busy acting in Pixelface, a CBBC program which follows the lives of computer games characters both on-and off-screen. Signed to new management we wish our half Chinese, half Tamil beauty the very best and look forward to hearing more from her new album.