Monday 24th June 2024
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Sunshine – Rye Rye ft M.I.A

M.I.A, the world famous Tamil rapper has a new protegee signed to NEET, her very own record label. Rye Rye is the name of the 19 year old female rapper from Baltimore, USA. M.I.A features on the track ‘Sunshine’ from Rye Rye’s debut album GO! Pop! Bang!. The new single is now available on itunes.

The video has a school-yard feel, set in a neighbourhood basketball court, with locals dancing, playing a little b’ball and skipping. M.I.A taunts Rye Rye about a school crush, then Rye Rye boast about stealing back her man. Its a shame the track was only recently released as this laid-back style was missed this summer!

The Baltimore rapper and MIA are currently touring the states, promoting for the album’s launch in January through NEET/Interscope.