Monday 24th June 2024
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Kazz Kumar Video Interview

Kazz Kumar is a British singer & fashionista of Sri Lankan Tamil descent. Based in London, she recently launched her solo career after 4 years of being part of the popular Asian hip hop fusion group, Sona Family. Nish Raj from caught up with Kazz for an interview at ‘The Dressing Room’ on Brick Lane. Kazz Kumar speaks about her music, fashion, collaborations and more. The interview contains a clip of her recent release ‘Dirty Word’ which is available on itunes. Below are a few of Kazz’s other music videos.

Kazz Kumar – Walk Away – View video

Kazz Kumar – Dirty Word – View Video

Kazz Kumar (Sona Family) – Broken Dreams – View Video

Kazz Kumar (Sona Family) – Taali – View Video

Kazz Kumar (Sona Family) – More Glassy – View Video