Monday 24th June 2024
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Karen David’s Charity Pledge

Pledge Music is a website which helps artists to raise money from friends family and fans – so that they can make records, fund promotion or touring.
It’s an absolutely brilliant idea that enables Karen David and her team to have fun and interact with you all!
If we achieve our goal – a modest target of £7,000 – a percentage of the money raised will also go to the charity SOS Children’s Villages.
A few of you have taken the pledge already (thank you so much) … but we have a long way to go.
In HYPNOTIZE we have a fantastic track that really should go all the way and let’s get all your friends and family to support this good cause and make it happen.
Please take a little time out – to check out and make your pledge.
Karen has set out a bunch items from signed copies of records, to a specially made book of photos and lyrics, to a personal gigs at £50 a time, to an exclusive wine tasting event… which you can sign up for. With your support we can climb the mountain.
FAQ… Money is only taken from your credit card if we achieve the target !
Without it, all the effort you have put in will remain – just that .. "effort" …
The Thamarai team support this excellent venture and wish Karen David, the 1/2 Tamil 1/2 Chinese songstress, the beautiful star of Couples Retreat and BBC’s Waterloo Road and singer of songs like ‘Take me home’ with AR Rahman all success.