Monday 17th June 2024
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Got Talent? Youtube it!

We have recently noticed a surge of talented young Tamil artists creating videos on social media sites such as Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook to promote themselves. Different from music videos, these video blogs tend be a lot more casual where fans and possible followers can get to see the real artist. We think this is a great way of reaching the masses especially as big media channels follow youtube to discover the next big thing. What we advise is that you tag your videos clearly…keywords are important. So if you’re a Tamil artist use words like Tamil, South Asian and even Desi. Mention your hometown and your music genre. Make sure you also put an email address, facebook fanpage and myspace link. Heres a few up and coming young Tamil talent who deserve a plug for their blogging & youtubing skills.

Artists: Keep them coming and we will feature the best on

Thushan – Dancer – United Kingdom

Nave & Thiri – Singers – Australia

Lady Kash & Krissy – Singers – Singapore

Janahan – Musician – United Kingdom