Friday 24th May 2024
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Karen David on Waterloo rd

These are exciting times for rising star Karen David with her acting and singing career in full-flow. The UK-based Canadian beauty is hitting the small screen and releasing her latest single, all in the same week!

The talented actress and singer songwriter joins the cast of BBC’s hit drama, Waterloo Road as it returns for a new series on BBC One on 1st September 2010. She has landed herself a leading role as the hot new Spanish teacher, Francesca (Cesca) Montaya.

Talking about her character, Karen said: “Cesca’s classes are a serious affair. But she also loves clubbing. She is bright, energetic and vivacious enough to be in total command in her classes the following day. She can burn the candle at both ends – but also does her job well.  She’s compassionate and often finds herself drawn into other people’s problems, a personality trait which finds her in hot water.”

As well being involved in some explosive storylines on Waterloo Raod this season, Karen will be making a lot more noise on the music scene as the latest mixes of her single, ‘Hypnotize’ (featuring a definitive radio mix and several mainstream club mixes including 4 new mixes from the The Almighty) become available on 6th September 2010.

“This has been an amazing year from me with my music career taking off, Waterloo Road and an exciting new project in the pipeline. It was really refreshing to have been given a really challenging role in this hugely successful drama and I hope that my fans enjoy it,” adds Karen.

Waterloo Road will air on BBC One from 1st September, with the second episode following the next day.