Monday 24th June 2024
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A million in a month!

On Sunday morning after watching what we feel is probably the best “Why this Kolaveri, di?” rework, the “A MILLION IN A MONTH” campaign for Arjun Coomaraswamy was launched. A British RNB singer, songwriter & producer of Sri Lankan heritage, who we & many others feel deserves the recognition for his musical ability. In less than 24 hours, the video has been shared over 70,000 times on facebook and on youtube it has been liked by over 5000 users. Unfortunately Youtube’s view counter is still stuck on 304! A common problem faced by heavily viewed videos. This video has gone viral. We like to encourage people to share the heck out of the video, help it reach 1 million views in a month and get people to follow Arjun’s original work, which is heaps better! Please view the video below and if you like it, please share this link ( ) on your facebook wall!

A MILLION IN A MONTH! The Campaign for Arjun

It has inspired over 31 different versions, 35 million views on and international media coverage like no other! All this for a Tamil movie song called “Why this Kolaveri, di?” To add, all this in less than a month!

We love the original version, but our favourite “inspired” version so far is by a budding Rnb singer named Arjun. He has fused his soulful Rnb sound with the original Tamil / South Indian folk instrumentals and added his own catchy English lyrics to create something truly unique.

Please help us use the current craze for “Why this Kolaveri,di?” to promote Arjun, an independent singer, songwriter and music producer to gain the recognition he deserves. We are aiming for “A million views in a month!” Please watch his Kolaveri R&B video below and you will know why a million isn’t impossible! Please do the following;

1. Watch the video

2. If you like it, please share the video on your Facebook wall and tweet the video link if you use twitter.

3. If you don’t personally like it but you think your friends will, please add your friends to this group and ask them to watch the video…or just post the video on their Facebook wall.

4. Check out his ( page to view his other music videos. We recommend Stargazer, Remember tonight & Vampire.

5. Sit back and be happy knowing that you have helped in the process of creating a star.

Thank you

Follow Arjun on; || ||