Thursday 16th May 2024
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AR Rahman’s 2023 Europe Tour – Germany, France & Switzerland announced

This autumn, AR Rahman is performing live across Europe, marking his first-ever Europe tour.

So far, the confirmed countries for the 2023 concert tour include Germany presented by & A.J.Entertainment, France by Shruthilayah and Switzerland by Thaalam Media.

London is potentially on the cards for late September, but this has yet to be confirmed officially. It’s rumored that Hamsini entertainment & Hue Box, the organisers behind AR Rahman’s 2017 concert at Wembley arena, which celebrated 25 years since his acclaimed debut Roja, will present AR’s return to a UK arena – most likely The O2 in Greenwich, London.

So, the question remains – What songs will he perform? Specifically how many Tamil, and Hindi songs?

Over the decades, AR Rahman’s UK concerts have always been a multi-language music experience. Despite Rahman being Tamil himself and having composed much of his music in Tamil, his set list for his UK concerts would include more Hindi than Tamil songs.

However, in 2017 the set list was changed for his Wembley arena concert titled ‘Netru, Indru, Naalai.’ A few more Tamil songs were included, but it never out numbered the Hindi songs.

Sadly, this was not received well by a portion of his Hindi fans who attended the concert. The disgruntled fans complained about the number Tamil songs, taking out their frustration during the performances. Some walked out of the concert, and took to social media to demand refunds. The news made international headlines, and went viral across social media – thankfully in support of AR Rahman.

A few months later, Arya Canada who presented his Toronto tour, held one show for his Tamil hits and another for Hindi. Both shows did extremely well, proving that there was a solution to keep everyone happy.

We eagerly await for more information on the upcoming Europe tour. Stay logged onto for the latest entertainment news.