Saturday 13th April 2024
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Jeevo releases new album, \”Invisible\”

Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, and raised in the United States, Jeevo is a musician whose newest album released yesterday.

His last release before this was his mixtape "The Kanye West Project" which dropped at the end of 2011, and his last album "Endangered Species" was released in November 2011.  Entitled "Invisible", the new 16-track album has been written, recorded and produced by Jeevo himself. "Many things have changed, and the improvement and growth of these few years have been documented in this album," says Jeevo. 

Having graduate from UCLA in 2005, Jeevo has been focussing on his music which speaks about issues that everyone can relate to – relationships, sex, God, love, hope and destiny. He has been on a number of radio stations in the US including Los Angeles’ 102.7 Kiss FM, and also received the KNX1070 Hero Award for his accomplishments in both music and humanitarian aid. His music has been revolutionary, as it has been broadcast on Tamil, Sinhalese and English radio stations in Sri Lanka.

"I believe this is my best work," says Jeevo about his latest release. "Unlike other projects, I truly feel spent in every sense of the word.  I have given everything I have to this album – musically, sonically, lyrically, etc."

"Invisible" released yesterday and is available for purchase via iTunes by clicking here. To purchase the CD, visit