Saturday 13th April 2024
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Srinath – Y.O.L.O Music Video – You Only Love Once

A beautifully filmed, new independent music video by Sri Lankan Tamil artiste Srinath. The song title is a play on the popular saying, ‘You Only Live Once’, popularised by the Canadian rapper Drake from the 2011 song MOTTO.

Y.O.L.O – You Only ‘Love’ Once, was filmed in South India & released for Valentine’ Day. Srinath has penned the lyrics, sung and performed in this uplifting number which at first seems very corny & quite preachy, but then eventually grows into something very motivating. A few lines stood out, especially our favourite, ”There is no reason for us to compete with each other in life, we have different shoes and our journey seems completely different. The only place I battle is within my mind.”

Whilst we enjoy ‘Brown people singing in English,’ we felt the bridge may have been better performed by Srinath in Tamil rather than English. Cinematography has always been something to look forward to with Srinath’s projects. The filming and editing quite easily compares to a Kollywood production. The three years of waiting since his last project has been worth it.