Friday 24th May 2024
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Paadagan – Ganesan Manohgaran ft. Dr Burn

Check out the music video to Paadagan by Malaysians Ganesan Manohgaran & rapper Dr Burn. After the bold attempt of Naduvan Music Video which encapsulates profound meaning of life, awakening to the Truth, here is another enthralling production by Mahakavi Records and Agni Prava Vision titled Paadagan directed by JK Wicky from Ugly Duckling Studios Sdn Bhd.

It is performed by Ganesan Manohgaran featuring Dr.Burn the Music Director of Paadagan. Teasers and trailers stimulated curiosity via social networks culminating the video in astounding audience with its technical brilliance, flamboyance and grandeur in Malaysia.

The lustrous apparel and make up enhances allure to the artists exhibiting resplendent and dazzling looks. The poesy incorporated with amalgamation of various string instruments and the rock genre of the music is certainly foot tapping, enabling it to receive listeners’ attention effectively.

Multi-racialism, an unique attribute of Malaysia is well demonstrated by the various artists present in the video. Dr Burn’s lyrics showcases the understanding of a Soloist fulfillment in his accomplishment.