Wednesday 29th May 2024
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Abi Sampa joins Team Danny on the Voice UK

Congratulations to the talented Abi Sampa who blows audiences and judges away with her haunting performance on the Voice UK. Her rendition of the Oasis song “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” with touches of Indian classical amazed the judges and subtly introducing the style into the British audiences.

Out of the four judges, it was Danny O’Donogue who saw the opportunity in Abi as a part of his team. He told the young dentist: “The Asian style of singing is so haunting – you don’t need words to portray feelings and emotion. And for me that’s what I heard.”

Will.iam commented, “There really isn’t a big international Asian artist, it doesn’t exist, so for you to be here part of the show to be that, wow!” View Abi’s performance below.

If you enjoyed Abi’s performance on the voice, you will enjoy this beautiful cover of the xx’s Crystalised which showcases Abi playing the Veena, a classical four stringed instrument from South India.

We look forward to more from Abi & her journey on the Voice UK.