Sunday 14th July 2024
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Tamil Cooking Game Venba launches on leading platforms

A wholesome new Tamil cooking game titled Venba has launched on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Series and PlayStation.

Venba is a narrative cooking game, that centres around a Tamil mom named Venba, her husband Paavalan and their young son, Kavin, who immigrate to Canada in the 1980s.

Her recipe book gets damaged when she moves to Canada. Players will restore the lost recipes to cook delicious, mouth-watering dishes that serve as a connection to the home left behind. Hold branching conversations and explore in this story about family, love, loss and more.

Canadian Tamil designer, Abhi, and his team at Toronto based Visai Studios have created a game which is personal, authentic, generational, attentive to the intricacies of a South Indian kitchen, and features a unique soundtrack inspired by Tamil movies and music.

“Venba started as a small side project that was compelling to make as I felt it had an untold story to share.  Over the last 3 years however, the response to Venba has been overwhelming. It has allowed us to transition from working weeknights and weekends to starting a studio full-time. Venba is a celebration of food, family,  Tamil cuisine, music and culture and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!”

Venba launched on the 31st July 2023.