Friday 14th June 2024
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The Jungle by British Tamil director Saanmuu

London based, British Tamil director Sanmugan Satheesan aka Saanmuu, is all set to launch his highly anticipated film, “The Jungle.”

Set in London’s underworld, this independent film follows two rival gangs fighting for dominance. It’s gritty, it’s raw, and it’s unforgiving.

The Jungle is a short film, the first installment in a series of episodes which Saanmuu envisages to film and release in the future, all part of a project which he has named SCU – Saanmuu Cinematic Universe.

To celebrate the launch of the film and the support he has received from his cast, crew and family, an event is scheduled to take place at the British Film Institute in London on Saturday 9th September. Beginning at 1pm, the fundraiser includes a screening of “The Jungle”, live performances and a Q&A session.

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“We hope this initiative will encourage young like-minded filmmakers to follow their passion, and to slowly initiate and create an industry of our own.”