Sunday 14th July 2024
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British Tamil comedian Romesh Ranganathan on Russel Howard’s Good News

We have been eagerly following British Stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan for the past year after a Thamarai reader spotted his name billed for a comedy night. Surprisingly his very Tamil name wasn’t shortened to please the mainstream market. We wanted to find out more about the Crawley based, 34 year old ex-maths teacher who hit the comedy circuit just three years ago.

Unfortunately due to our commitments clashing with his London dates we haven’t had the opportunity to watch him live. We searched online to find a performance video but nothing was available apart from a commission by Amnesty International titled “An eye for an eye.” His witty take on the death penalty was strangely amusing yet reassuringly insightful.

On Sunday night Romesh performed on the popular Russel Howard’s Good News, taking him to a whole new level. Wearing a blazer with elbow patches like a boss, as he stated on his facebook page, Romesh’s set kept the British Asian angle to a limit and focused on marital rituals, Crawley life & his experience with children.

For performance dates visit his website