Saturday 22nd June 2024
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PETA India says Madhavan is \”Person of the Year\”

R. Madhavan has been named "Person of the Year" by People for the Ethical Treatment of India (PETA) India. The actor actively promotes vegetarianism as the "best way to help stop animal cruelty, cut down on pollution, fight climate change and improve your health," according to a statement by PETA.

He also narrated PETA’s "Glass Walls" video, which looks into the grim occurences that take place within slaughterhouses. Please click here to view the video – viewer discretion is advised, as the video is incredibly graphic.

The actor’s seven-year-old son clearly takes after his father when it comes to animal rights; he donated the money he received for his birthday to PETA!

For more about PETA India’s work, visit their official website by clicking here.