Wednesday 19th June 2024
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Kings of Gaana’s tenth anniversary show at Eventim Apollo

Kings of Gaana is an inter-university Tamil dance competition, and this year’s edition is all set to happen on December 11, 2022 at the iconic Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, London

The popular charity show hosted by the Tamil society at Kings College london, is donating the proceeds from the show to the Tamil Diaspora Alliance.

“This year is the 10th Anniversary for Kings of Gaana so all preparations for the show are well underway to ensure it will be the biggest and best show yet! We are proud to announce our venue is the biggest to date- Eventim Apollo, with a capacity of over 3600 people.

We also have four amazing judges this year, who are all inspirational dancers: Sandy Master (India), Usha Jeya (Europe), Jesi Sadayar (Canada) and Jeya Raveendran (Europe). Alongside the performances of our talented 8 university teams, we will also have 3 amazing exhibition acts to entertain you at KOGX. We hope you are excited for the biggest inter-university Gaana competition and can’t wait to see you there!” Aarani Raveenthiran Co-President of KCL Tamil Society

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Tamil culture is not just about ancient literature and classic art forms but also about contemporary art forms that spring up from the most rustic locations with a tempestuous flavor. Gaana is one such style.

While the Tamils across the globe address the associated dance form as Kuthu, the Tamil people in the United Kingdom call this dance form as Gaana.

Gaana which literally means “song” in Urdu and Hindi is a colloquial form of vocal music accompanied by high-energy percussion and some homespun brass instruments. This form of singing originated in the northern parts of Chennai… And thanks to the incorporation of this song style in mainstream Tamil cinema, it has become popular all over the planet. It would be difficult to find Tamil club nights that do not play Gaana songs and it would be even more difficult to find people who cannot dance to this high-energy and infectious rhythm.

Kings College London Tamil society celebrate the contemporary Tamil culture with its annual showcase Kings of Gaana. The event attracts audience from all over the United Kingdom and the enthusiasm can be felt in the number of universities participating in this event.

The event that is Tamil at heart but global in its presence has attracted a sponsor that embodies this philosophy… Saravana Bhavan. The restaurant chain that could be credited for taking Tamil cuisine to the world is now the proud sponsor of Kings of Gaana.

The dance event also brings an interesting and talented array of judges, and that too, from all corners of the globe. Sandy, the dance master from India, Usha Jey, the Hybrid Bharatham famed dancer and choreographer from France , Jedi Sadayar, renowned movement designer and the finalist of Canada‘s Got Talent, and Jeya Raveendran of England will be judging Kings of Gaana.

We believe that like it has always been, this year’s Kings of Gaana will also be extremely entertaining and energetic! Wishing all the participating teams and the organizing team all the very best.

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