Friday 14th June 2024
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British Tamil Prito Itiacandy signs remix deal with India’s TIP music

Prito Itiacandy is a London based music producer and choreographer, who shot to fame on social media with his popular remixes of nostalgic AR Rahman classics that have racked up millions of views.

TIPS Music, an Indian based music label who own the rights to many of the Tamil and Hindi hits he has worked with, reached out to the British Tamil artist to collaborate on a series of new full-length remixes which are currently being released through the label in 2024.

A school teacher by day, Prito was born in East London and raised in a South Indian household. He is a well established figure in the UK’s South Asian dance scene, from performing in university shows, through to appearing on a mainstream televised dance competition, and hosting his own dance classes and battles.

Prito started creating music later in life. His productions not only resonate with music lovers and digital creators across the globe, it also strikes a beat amongst the dance community and enthusiasts who he calls family.

”Being a dancer myself and being part of a dance community, when I’m making music I’m always thinking about how that can translate into choreography. How dancers and choreographers can listen to my tracks and remixes and create what they want to show.”

To follow his journey, head over to his Instagram account @pritoitiacandy