Wednesday 17th July 2024
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Today we remember

Today, November 27th, we remember the young Tamil men & women who sacrificed their lives for the Eelam nation. Commemorative services are being held worldwide, including Jaffna university under the heavy army occupation. On Friday, British Tamil students in London paid their respects at the "Youth Maaveerar Naal," attended by 70 students and the university representatives. Photos can be viewed above and a full report on the event can be read on

Breaking the Silence

Monday 28th Nov – City University London: 12-2pm at Northampton Square walk way

Tuesday 29th Nov – Kings College London: 10am-4pm ar the Spit, Guy’s Campus

Wednesday 30th Nov – Brunel University: 10am-5pm at Hamilton Centre

Thursday 1st Dec – UCL: 11am at South Cloisters, Gower Street

Friday 2nd Dec – Queen Mary (QMUL): 11am-4pm at Library square

The Sri Lankan civil war, which ended in May 2009, created a seemingly endless list of crimes against humanity. 100,000+ people missing and presumed massacred… 320,000 displaced from their homes… 26 years of a brutal civil war saw women raped, children starved and men simply disappeared.

“They shoot people at random, stab people, rape them, cut their tongues out, cut women’s breasts off” [Sri Lankan army official confesses to Channel 4]. it is our moral duty to speak out for those who now cannot.

This campaign aims to raise awareness and help bring justice and accountability to Sri Lanka, as well as restore the full rights of a race of people. Human rights groups are calling for an urgent investigation into the allegations that human rights abuses are still rife in Sri Lanka in 2011.

Please come down to the stall on the 1st of December to learn about and discuss not only a war, but an oppressed group of people that continue to have human rights taken away from them and support the cause to get the British government and the UN to carry out an independent investigation. Whatever race, religion and gender you are, we are all human, and so are they!

Born and educated in a country where we are not subjected to such atrocities, we have a legal right to urge our own government to support an independent, international investigation into these crimes against humanity and work towards a solution.

Give them back their rights, give them back their freedom.