Monday 24th June 2024
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The King is back!

Krishan Maheson, the self appointed ‘King of Tamil Hip Hop’ is back, after 4 years away from the scene. The title maybe well deserved as he was the man who introduced the genre to mainstream Sri Lankan music and was also a key pioneer in bringing the genre (Tamil Hip Hop) to the west, through airplay on BBC Radio 1 and event performances including Festivals & Melas. Hits including story and Ninaivugalae were instants hits back in 2005, being one of the first independent Tamil music videos to reach 100,000 views on Youtube.  J-town story reached the hearts and minds of listeners in his native country and abroad through its sensitive portrayal of the Sri Lankan conflict. The Sri Lanka based rapper has featured in several Sri Lankan songs (Tamil, Sinhala & English), making Tamil rap accessible to mainstream music fans in Sri Lanka.

Krishan is now only a few weeks away from launching Avathaaram, the follow-up album to Asian Avenue. Even before the album’s official release, the singles are making their mark. The single ‘Oh Oh Endhan Darling’ is the first Tamil track to be included on Radio Express’s international dance compilation CD. Radio Express is the world’s leading music distributor sending music to over 5000 radio stations in over 140 countries. Putting new releases such as Krishans into the hands of influential radio & club djs, a few months before going on general release to the public. Krishan is the first Sri Lankan Tamil to achieve this and also have a song from Sri Lanka featured among top names like David Guetta, Jason Derulo, Rhianna, Justin Bieber and Pitbull. The same song is also featured under a different title on the upcoming yet to be released Tamil South Indian movie "Naan" featuring Krishan and Vijay Antony (Naaku Mukka Fame). LISTEN TO OH OH ENDHAN DARLING has teamed up with the ‘King of Tamil Hip Hop’ to promote a few of his exclusive singles before the album’s big launch. First up is ‘Paatu paadava’ ft BK aka Bone Killa, let us know what you think. Tune in next week for the release of ’Mella Nada’ also featuring BK (2010 Tamil hiphop anthem mix). 2 awesome tracks from one of South Asia’s leading independent artistes. Only on! LISTEN TO PAATU PAADAVA