Thursday 18th April 2024
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The Diwali Showdown (Part III)

Starring – Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Direction – Anubhav Sinha
Music – Vishal-Shekhar
The story is said to be…about a father trying to re-engage with his son via a video game he designed…a game that him and his family get trapped inside. It looks like there might be a few Southie jokes, as Shah Rukh plays a South Indian game designer called Shekhar Subramanium. 
Judging by the trailer…it’s filled to the brim with special effects and cars exploding. What a novel idea(!)
The film got into trouble because…one of the posters for the film had been heavily "inspired" by the poster from 2005 film Batman Begins [see the image gallery above]. More recently, the film was faced with a copyright claim. Writer Yash Patnaik filed a case claiming that the story was his idea, that he had shared with one of the writers of the film. SRK has been ordered to pay a deposit of 10million Indian Rupees before the film is released. 
Worth a watch? Superstar Rajinikanth makes a cameo appearance. So, even if it’s just for that part: YES. 
So, which film(s) will you be going to watch? Any predictions as to which will fare the best at the box office? My money’s on the highly-anticipated Ra.One!