Monday 17th June 2024
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The Arranged Marriage Song

It seems that everyone wants an arranged marriage! Last year we saw the Indian comedian/musician Wilbur Sargunaraj sing about it resulting in his video reaching close to 1 million views! Now its the turn of the spunky Australian Tamil singer Nave, who releases his first music video titled ”The arranged marriage song," featuring the Australian comedian "John Bala." Nave aka Daniel Vijayakumar has been slowly but surely creating a following across the web with his "East meets West" viral videos which fuse together popular English & Tamil songs. He is also a member of an Australian rock band "Road to Canaan" and last month saw the release of his first solo single "Dangerous" which reinforced his commitment to the music scene. Dangerous & The Arranged Marriage Song are produced by Deyo.

So who is John Bala – Indian Police? John Bala is a bad ass Indian police officer who is on a rescue mission to Australia after his wife’s cousin’s brother’s nephew is a victim of a mysterious abduction. Armed with his unique Bollywood brand of justice, Bala must team up with "by-the-book" top cop Constable Jennings or "Darling" as he calls her in an unknowingly sexist way. Follow his journey on The character is the latest creation by Australian Lankan comedian Jehan R, someone who we have been following for a few years. You may have also spotted Jehan in various viral videos including a popular 2006 video titled "50 Rupee – The Curry Shop" where he played the role of Indian cinema’s superstar Rajnikanth! Check out Nave & John Bala in action in their new video and lets make this a viral hit!