Friday 14th June 2024
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Asian face competition

Asian Face 2010 is a completion held in the UK in association with Asiana Magazine. Out of the 15 female and 9 male models in the finals, we are proud to announce that there are two Tamil finalists in this year’s Asian Face competition. The competition aims to find one male and one female model, so please show your support by voting for both of them.  It’s simple, just have a read of their profile and if you think they deserve to win (which we think they do) follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.

Satish Sivakumar

Hi, my name is Satish Kumar Sivakumar. I was born in Sri Lanka and raised in Denmark. I moved to the United Kingdom three years ago with my family. I am currently studying International Business Management and this year my course will be at the University of Valencia, Spain. This is my first modelling competition and I’m so happy I made it into the finals. I Love Tamil movies, music and good food.

Roshna Mohan

Hi! I’m Roshna and I’m from South London. I recently graduated from Kings College London having done a mathematics with management degree.  Wanting to do something completely unrelated to my degree, and taking advantage of my tall height (which has caused a lot of teasing from friends!) I took up modelling as a hobby.  It started off with university catwalk shows and then I had the opportunity to catwalk for Asian Woman at their bridal shows featured in their magazine.  I find modelling fun and ideally would like to just build up my portfolio and exposure.  I recently entered a competition to become the face of an online beauty company ‘Asian Face’ and found out that I’m a finalist!  It has been put on facebook for people to vote for the winner and I would really appreciate it if people could take a quick second to vote for me. There aren’t enough Tamils representing in the mainstream modelling world.

The closing date for this competition is the 25th of January 2010. Last vote should be in by midnight of the 25th.

To vote:

1) Visit the link and become a fan to be able to vote –
2a) To vote for Roshna Mohan, go to the ‘Asian Face Model Competition – Girls album’, click on to her photo and click ‘like’ under the photo (By clicking ‘like’, this counts as a vote)
2b) To vote for Satish Sivakumar, go to the ‘Asian Face Model Competition – Boys album’, click on to his photo and click ‘like’ under the photo (By clicking ‘like’, this counts as a vote)
3) If you have time, write a comment
4) tap yourself on the back for supporting up and coming talent!

Thank you!