Thursday 18th April 2024
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Rihanna vs M.I.A

Rihanna has recently released the music video to ‘Rude Boy’ which bears some striking similarities to the music video for ‘Boyz’ by MIA, which was released 3 years earlier. This has caused a bit of a minor controversy propagated by the media, but we say what the heck! It only proves that MIA is ahead of the game, 3 years ahead!

Boyz fused Gaana, the riddim of Chennai, with heavy base lines and catchy lyrics. The remix of Boyz featured American rap legend Jay Z, who to date has only featured on two Indian influenced tracks. The first being the Bhangra club anthem of the decade ‘Mundian To Bach Ke’ which was later renamed Beware of the Boys!

Do you notice a pattern occurring! These Darn Boys!

 Rihanna – Rude Boy

MIA – Boyz