Friday 14th June 2024
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Rabbit And Friendz

Psycho Unit are one of Malaysia’s hottest and most dynamic Indian (Tamil) music labels. They will be releasing their 2nd mainstream album titled "Rabbit And Friendz" on the 20th January 2011. This new compilation will feature 6 of Psycho Unit’s in-house artistes. These artistes are Daddy ShaQ, Rabbit Mac, Crime Minista, Sheezay (formerly known as ShevanRaj of Diwan), Vikadakavi (formerly known as Magen Aatam 100 Vagai), and Candyman. If their promo trailer is a standard bearer for the production quality we can expect in the new album…We can’t wait!

Psycho Unit

Psycho Unit was formed in 2007 by Daddy ShaQ, Rabbit.Mac and Cub’ally. PSYCHO.unit now has recording studios in both the North and Central regions of Malaysia, with their fame attributed with the release of a controversial underground album titled “PROVOKED” in 2008, which brought on somewhat of a culture shock to the usually ‘tame’ Malaysian indian (Tamil) music scene. To date, PSYCHO.unit collectively have one of the largest fanbases in Indepedent Tamil music, with over 50,000 fans on Facebook alone.

Today, in addition to the music works, PSYCHO.unit has also ventured into graphic design, photography and even run a highly-successful clothing line called PSYCHOLOGIKAL Apparels. This has made Psycho Unit one of the most complete production houses in the malaysian indian music industry.

In 2009, Psycho Unit’s first mainstream album named "Rabbit Mac – Ma Carrotz" was released. It featured an array of local artistes such as Landslyde of Dragon Red, Moots, Roshan aka Philly Roca of Gila Monstarz, C.Loco, Balan Kashmir, ShevanRaj and Stylomannavan of Diwan, Haze Freaky G, Jacob of No Entry, Psychomantra, Altimet, Vassan, DJ T-Bone, and Magen Aatam 100 Vagai. The genre of music in this album was generally hip hop and rap. The success of this album was proven not only by album sales but also in the growing number of fans in Malaysia and Singapore. For more on Psycho Unit, visit their website on